Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Fall Runway - Translated

There are so many gorgeous trends on the Fall runways this year, and they have me looking forward to Fall fashion. Don't get me wrong, I would happily skip all of the other seasons if it meant having warm Summer weather year round, but I live in Colorado and I have to face reality. Fall is right around the corner.

For my fellow Summer lovers, I don't mean for this to be a downer. I am simply giving you a heads up on some fun items to add to your wardrobe in the next few months.

We will start off with a little gift from my favorite gay Italian designers, Domenico and Stefano, aka Dolce & Gabbana. I.LOVE.THEM.

Basically, the D&G runway looks like attack of the tartans; very plaid, and very red. Since I don't wear ball gowns very often (never), I found some examples of how to participate in this trend in real life, without looking like I should be carrying a bagpipe (well, kinda).

This trend in particular should of course be used sparingly, meaning DO NOT wear a plaid pencil skirt with a plaid blazer or blouse. A little plaid, goes a long way. I know this warning does not apply to 99% of you, but there is always that one woman who will inevitably go ape-shit on a trend - you know the one.

Here is a collage to illustrate my point of view.

More to come tomorrow...


Visual Vamp said...

Ooooo plaid! So back to school-ish!
Love it!

Sopapilla said...


franki durbin said...

So true: A little goes a VERY long way. I love a tartan mini with knee high black boots and a snug boatneck knit top tucked it... add a great bag and you're set!