Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Much?

D&G Dolce & Gabbana Ocelot Print Pencil Skirt, Saks $365

I really love it. It will last forever. But $365?

Just the other day, my Mom reminded me about a shopping rule that I used to have. I would not buy anything over $20. This was a long time ago when I was young and always broke, so it was a very practical rule. I think this is how I became such a great bargain hunter, because I had to. But when I started making a little more money, I started upping my limit. For my 30th birthday, I bought myself my first Louis Vuitton handbag. That was a year ago, and sometimes I find myself thinking "what's next?".

I think I might need to go back to the old limit system, but maybe I'll make it a little more than 20 bucks this time...

I'm curious, where do YOU draw the line?


Sopapilla said...

My limit - 365.00

Sneaky Chic said...

HeHe. You funny. :)

Jozette said...

this is a great question. if i really love something, particularly shoes, i'll find a way to buy them. i never used to spend more than $30 on a pair of shoes (college - early 20s). then i started buying shoes that were less than $100. then i bought a pair of jimmy choos that were half off, HALF OFF!!! but were still over $200. then, i bought a pair of christian louboutins. not on sale. not at all. those are the most expensive shoes i own but i love them and i don't care. so, i guess i don't really have a limit if i love something. but i space those kinds of purchases out. but with clothes, i don't spend nearly as much. i'm just a shoe-a-holic

franki durbin said...

quality, quality, quality.
I'll spend crazy amounts to buy classic, quality pieces. I avoid trends mostly, but if I do indulge it has to be o the cheap. I'll invest in the best handbag I can afford because it will last. But clothing falls into my "mid-range" pricing.... as it just never lasts tremendously long. Buy the best shoes you can stand... your feet take a beating otherwise.

i love to have less quantity and more quality... period.

Sneaky Chic said...

J- Louboutins are so next on my list. I agree, if you LOVE it, it doesn't matter.

Franki- That is SO true about the shoes...I wish I would have known that about 10 years ago when I started wearing stilettos that were cute, but bad quality. My feet are starting to show the signs. Now I know the value of quality shoes for sure.

As far as trends go- I am the same. That is why I love Forever 21. I will buy a cute trendy piece to mix with my classics, and it does not matter that it will be out in a year, because it only cost me like 15 bucks! :)

I think quality over quantity is always the best approach - with everything!

Visual Vamp said...

This print will never, never, never go out of style. Ditto for a pencil skirt. It is an investment piece, so if you have the money, you love it, and it looks good on you, get it. Otherwise it will haunt you, like, forever! At least it's not a coutre $3K price tag LOL!!!
xo xo xo

Jennifer said...

It will go on sale. Be patient!