Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best Packaging Ever

The cheese is pretty good too. Found at Super-Target. It was used to make this insanely good recipe with my awesome new Panini press. I made mine with peaches, it was too good for words.


Visual Vamp said...

Peaches and Brie how delish Trish! xo xo xo

Sopapilla said...

so cute....and yummy too!

LA Chic said...

I love your blog and style!! I'm a sneaky chic too!!!! A friend and I just had a conversation about the very same thing. I snuck in some shoes from Aldo today (we're in GA due to Hurricane Gustav... he suggested that we limit our spending for the time being... Shhh) If we get in a bind I'll take them back! HA

Visual Vamp said...

BTW I passed on a blog award to you. It's like a chain letter. Come and see me if you want to get it.
Love ya,
Miz V

Mary Kay said...

Just came over from V.V. and I'm so sorry I missed the poll! I hide EVERYTHING from my husband. My favorite I learned from the St. John Boutique. They'd give out dry cleaning bags so you wouldn't have to leave your purchase in the car until he was asleep. I have lots of other tricks, but that's my FAVE!

Great blog - I'll be back!