Monday, May 19, 2008


This is Whitney Thompson, the winner of America's Next Top Model, correction: the "plus-size" winner of America's Next Top Model. She is a size 10.

Since when is size 10 a plus size???

Considering the average size in this country is 14, I think the wrong message is being sent by labeling size 10 as plus size. I think they mean well by showing that a woman who is not stick skinny is beautiful and can be a model. But really, is size 10 the new 24?

I am disgusted.


Jessie said...

I'm with you...

but I was SURE Anya was going to win.

jozette said...

UGH! Double UGH! I stopped watching America's Next Top Model a few seasons ago because it was really getting on my nerves. But I remember them having so called "plus-sized" girls trying out...girls who didn't look so plus sized to me. And I thought to myself (I'm a size 8/10), if I tried out for ANTM, I'd be considered plus-sized (and old- at almost 30, but that's besides the point). I hate that! I'm disgusted too.

Jennifer said...

Rumor has it that a) she gained weight to be on the show, originally being a size 6 or something and then converting herself to "plus size" and b) the fix was in for her from the get go. Tyrant is trying to fool America and I am having NONE of it.