Thursday, May 15, 2008

Best Yogurt Ever

This yogurt is so good that it has caused me to become a hoarder. The first time I tried the passion orange pineapple yogurt from Safeway, I was in love. My husband loved it too and requested that I only buy this flavor going forward. I went back to Safeway, a place that I normally don't shop at because the prices are a little too high compared to Walmart Supercenter (please don't hate me for shopping the so called "evil" corporation, it is a matter of economics and convenience) and low and behold, no passion orange pineapple yogurt. The shelf was completely empty. I was a bit p*ssed off because that was the only item I went there to buy and the store is a bit out of the way. I even had a clerk check the back for me with no luck.

The next time I went to Safeway, they had 3 containers of passion orange pineapple yogurt, so I snatched them up and had the clerk, again, check the back. No more. WTF? Obviously, people like this yogurt and are buying it, why don't they order more??? It looks like Safeway needs a little lesson in JIT, ya think?

So last week, when I went to Safeway (just for GD yogurt) I was fully expecting to once again be disappointed and angry. As I came around the corner to the dairy case, I could feel my blood pressure starting to rise a little, was this going to be the day that I gave the Manager a piece of my mind? Just as I was going over in my head all the things I was going say, there they were, a fully stocked row of passion orange pineapple yogurt. It felt like Christmas! I was so happy.

I bought Every. Single. Container.

So, now I'm a hoarder, but I have yogurt for the next 2 weeks! Seriously, you gotta try it.


Sopapilla said...

Yummy! But I have a feeling it contains lots of artificial crap. btw Love this blog!

jozette said...

you. are. hilarious.

Sneaky Chic said...

Well Sopapilla, it does have Splenda, but I am quite certain that I have eaten worse things. :)

Jozettey- love ya babe! and back at ya!

franki durbin said...

let me tell you. when I go to the store I clean them out if they have my favorite yogurt. I eat the Blue Bunny No Sugar Vanilla Bean. If they have it, I buy it. Seriously. So I completely relate ;)