Monday, May 12, 2008

Feeling Beachy

I have a yummy little vay-kay coming up in June and I need a new swim suit. Here are a few that I like, but I need good support/coverage on the top. I think the halter has worked best in the past (because you can hoist em up), but I am not a swimwear or breast engineering expert. If anyone knows better, please do share.

Deco by Jets $194
Plaza de Cibeles, Madrid by Kristi Grinna $138

Zest by Jets $150

Worth Ave, Palm Beach by Kristi Grinna $111


Jessie said...

ooohooh let's hear about the vaycay! suits all look cute, btw. i'm looking for a good one myself, but it's tough when your budget is tighter than your bikini bottoms!

jozette said...

I like halters, too. I'm *ahem* well endowed in the chesticle area and I find halters to be really supportive...except that sometimes then my neck gets sore from doing all the work holding the girls up.

I like all those suits...just wish I could wear a bikini. Ho hum.

franki durbin said...

be sure to check out shoshanna's bikinis.. they are fabulous - and designed for those of us with a little more up top. they even have some on

you remember her right? she was married (or maybe just engaged) to jerry seinfeld

Sneaky Chic said...

Jessie- the vacation is my 1 year wedding anniversary and we are going to Mexico for some R&R. Which means I will be at the beach all day, and my husband will be in bed watching movies. We have different ideas of relaxation. We will, of course share all meals together :)

Jozette- "chesticle" - love that! If you are ever in Denver, we need to hang out!

Franki- I do remember Shoshanna! I have seen her clothing line, but not her swimwear - I will definitely check it out! Thanks!

franki durbin said...

her suits are amazing - AND they hold the girls up! ;) you can also buy tops and bottoms separate. always fabulous!