Monday, June 9, 2008

Adios Amigos

Tomorrow I leave for 3 weeks in Latin America before I start the new J-O-B. The first week will be spent at a lovely (I hope) resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a little one year wedding anniversary celebration. I am hoping I do not pull a "Charlotte" while we are there, I will definitely be keeping my mouth shut in the shower. For the two weeks following that, we will be in the Dominican Republic for my Husband's 25th class reunion (he's a little older than me :)

I will be back in early July, but if I can post while I'm away, I will. Everyone take care and I will write to you soon!


Jessie said...

SO much to say... first of all - NEVER open your mouth in the shower in Mexico!!! (Even brush your teeth with bottled water.)

Second... our first wedding anniversary is in about a month! I didn't realize you were (fairly) newlyweds! Congrats!

Thirdly, I can't wait to hear about your new job, and I hope you have a fabulously relaxing and fun time on your vacay. We'll miss you terribly!

jozette said...

ohhhh have fun! I've never been to Mexico and am dying to go.