Sunday, July 6, 2008


Julie Haus Tranquility Zazel Dress,, $403
Rachel Leigh Studded Belt, $150

Have you seen those super annoying commercials on TV for Well, they are really lame and don't even show cute outfits, but the theme song was stuck in my head all day yesterday, so I guess the commercial was successful. I went to check out the site and found this gorgeous dress and some awesome accessories. The belt was inspired by Carrie's vintage studded belt in the Sex and the City movie. Me-ow!


franki durbin said...

I've been seeing the commercials as well and am floored. The ads are poorly produced... but I'm more impressed they are buying such major market ad time at all. They have a terrific collection of designer goods. It's clear they spent their cash on the ad time, not the ads themselves. So much for keeping this secret to myself. I'm always disappointed when a lesser-known online shop goes major market. Takes the fun out of it for me ;)

Sneaky Chic said...

Franki- That is so true. Here's to hoping they kill the ad budget and give more dicounts instead! (yeah right) :)

visual vamp said...

Hi darling girl!
This same dress in the window of a store on my corner, and I have been looking at it for the past 4 days when I walk Cholo! I also bought a knock off of sorts at Forever 21 (in black - the only color they had) for $35.! Sneak that in the door!!! xo xo xo xo