Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Salvation Army LIES

The reason I am writing this post is because I read a funny story here and was inspired to share my recent Salvation Army experience. It started as a comment on SGM's blog, but it was one of those inappropriately long ranting comments, and needed its own forum.

So here we go...

F the Salvation Army! Yeah, I said it.

Last Tuesday I received a phone call from the S.A. with a recording explaining that they were coming to my neighborhood for a pick-up on Thursday and in the spirit of efficiency they like to have more than one pick-up in each neighborhood. The recording instructed me to press *1* if I had any items for donation. PERFECT! I have a big ass couch that has been sitting in my garage for 3 years that my Husband is always complaining about. I pressed *1*. The recording confirmed our address and said to have the items on the curb by 8am with signage stating "Salvation Army". Simple. I followed these instructions and felt relieved that the couch sitch was resolved and I was also donating it to charity. Win Win.

So when I got home on Thursday night, guess what was on my curb? YEP! My big ass couch. All my tattle-taley neighbors had probably already called the f-ing HOA and told on me for braking the covenant. I was so pissed off, I could not wait to get inside and call the S.A. to rip em a new one (I really would never do this because I don't have the cajones, but I sure wanted to). When I get inside there is a message on the machine stating that "we are very sorry, but do to high participation our truck was full and we could not pick up your items. Please have them out by 8am on Friday and we will pick them up by 4pm. Ok, fine.

Of course it was starting to rain so we had to move the couch back inside for the night, and then haul it back out (in my P.J.s) the next morning. So at this point I was getting pretty irritated with what was supposed to be a simple donation. I came home on Friday night expecting the front of my house to not look like we had been evicted, but no such luck. This time there was no message on the machine. Nothing. Nada.

So, F the Salvation Army! They are assholes. And if anyone wants a free couch, let me know!


SGM said...

"F the Salvation Army"--hee hee. I've had to do the whole dragging in and out business myself b/c of bad weather/driver didn't show up type thing. Sucks.

Sarah's Fab Day said...

Sneaky - I love the header and yes I have been known to do a little hiding myself. Love what you have going!

tk said...

Yet again another great story that somehow I missed out on - Love you!